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R.I.P. by Charity B.

*****Trigger  Warning: This book contains many triggers and taboo subject matter. If are uncomfortable with this plus gore, explicit/graphic situations and disturbing content then this book may not be for you*****

5 out of 5 stars

Malakai and Adriel are siblings that were born to a schizoaffective mother and a pastor father, living a normal Christian life. At least on the outside. No one knows the real truth that goes on behind closed doors. Family nights areb their way of doing Holy work for God because they are told their mother is blessed with a gift and knows who needs their help by her visions. Then everything goes wrong for the children and their whole lives are ripped apart. No one understands them because no one knows what’s really been going on or what they’ve actually been made to do or become for their mother. Malakai is being tormented by it and Adriel can’t stand that it’s crippling him in such a way. Adriel will make sure they stay together one way or another or she’ll burn the world to the ground trying. 

A book that I have been able to read thanks to the Winter Games Reader Challenge this month at Facebook. I have no problem reading taboo or disturbing things but they usually aren’t written very well or they’re just short stories but this book was so well written and I absolutely loved it. It flowed really well, so much so that I had to force myself to put it down the first night, when I was around 65% into it and it was 6 a.m. I thought that characters were really creative and well rounded. It’s a super dark world that has been built in this story and I really did wait on bated breath (as the saying goes, kind of) to follow how the story went. I got nervous for them and felt sorrow for them and was disgusted for them (you’ll understand when you’ve read it). I appreciated the detailed imagery used while describing the visions and even with all the gore, it just fit and  made it better; it wouldn’t have been as good without it. 

You can purchase this book at Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub where you can follow Charity B. at all 3 places. ENJOY THE READ!

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A Heart of Little Faith by Jennifer Wilck

5 out of 5 stars

Lily Livingston is a widow and mother of a six year old daughter who just moved back to New York City from Philadelphia. Her best friend Samantha, who lives across the hall from her, has invited her to her art gallery for an art show where she meets Gideon Stone for the first time. Lily isn’t looking for love nor does she think she’s ready to date again but then she sees Gideon and something flutters in her stomach. Gideon is a sexy man who happens to be in a wheelchair and has decided that he will never love again, in huge part to the chair; at least until he meets Lily and Claire. Will they be able to maneuver around the obstacles that have been placed in front of them to find true love again?

This book is part of the Facebook Winter Games Reader Challenge and I had the pleasure of being able to read it. I really enjoyed this book quite a lot, it’s really well written and just ebbs and flows easily and smoothly but trust me when I tell you that it’s a true roller-coaster ride of emotions. It’s all about the ups and downs of this “relationship” that Gideon and Lily find themselves in. The story brings a realistic look and feel to not only being a widow but a widow who is now a single mother having to figure out where to go next plus how someone who has been recently injured learns to cope with new limitations. I thought that the pitfalls of dealing with all the different obstacles were very well constructed in a true to form way as to how they would pertain to all the different relationships involved as well. 

Now I’m going to talk about the emotions because this is another book where I felt the emotions coming from the characters. We all (avid readers) love to be transported into the scene or into the minds of the characters, go ahead and tell me I’m wrong. There’s a lot of great subtle humor. Such as, at one point Gideon and Lily are putting her apartment back together after a break in and they keep looking at each other without the other person knowing they’re looking at each other of which makes Gideon misdial his secretary twice and hang up. That actually had me laughing out loud (when you read the passage you’ll understand why I found so funny, I swear). So along with the humor, snide/snarky/sarcastic comments comes the frustration, the crying, the happy, the sad, the wanting to just slap someone across the face (not sure who but there are so many options) and the want for everyone to find love.  

If you are one for romance then you will enjoy this book just as much as me, even if you aren’t a terrible romantic I’m sure that you will still enjoy it. Purchase the book at Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub and follow Jennifer Wilck at all three place to get updates on the author’s upcoming releases.

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Cole: A Rock Star Story (A Standish Bay Romance Book 1) by Christine Donovan

5 out of 5 stars

Cole Jackson spent the last 15 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit, Lindsey, his wife’s murder, all because he was in a constant state of being high and drunk back then. He knows he didn’t kill his wife but he ended up being found guilty and now he has to live with the stigma of that while trying to get his singing/songwriting career back on track. Prison took away any confidence he once had to the point of feeling uncomfortable in crowds of people outside of his small circle. Then he meets Shannon Gallagher, his favorite author of the books that he read while in prison, and her son Cameron. Shannon met AJ, his band mate and best friend, at her book signing and he ends up bringing her and her son to the hotel room to meet Cole personally. It’s electric when their eyes meet. But will this new romance end in another murder? 

This is another book that was part of the Facebook Winter Games Reader Challenge. Also another book that if I could give more than 5 stars I would. It took me, in total, all of 9 hours to read this book from start to finish. I’m not sure if that is fast or slow because it was over a few days and I know I am not a fast reader. The book was a steady climb that never stopped and never let up. I have stated in previous posts how I love a book that makes you feel everything going on in it, all the emotions of the scenes. Not only does this book do that but since one of the main characters is an author, this is the passage that made me laugh because this book has succeeded in doing exactly that.

Shannon always strived to make her readers feel connected to her characters and the story of their lives. She wanted them to forget they were reading a book and just become part of the story itself”

I laughed, I cried (a lot in some parts), I got angry, I was nervous and I was hopeful all right along with the characters; I even shouted once about Shannon’s ex-husband (and scared my daughter who happened to be sitting next to me). It was just so well written and everything just moved so easily and smoothly that I wasn’t sure if I had really made any progress while reading it. In actuality I was in a time suck because I didn’t realize that time was moving while I was reading. I was a little confused when I had realized that I was almost 200 pages further along from where I had started and it was about 4 hours later. Now there are two other books in this series, both ,of which, the characters were already introduced in this first one; the second book is Mitch and the third is Bridget. I am definitely looking forward to reading those in the near future as I am more than sure that they will be just as good as this first one.

If you are interested in a mystery that involves romance (and maybe a little bit of rock star) plus is so well written you’ll think you living out your childhood dream then I would suggest you get this book. You’ll love it, trust me. Purchase it at Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub, follow the author at all three sites as well and learn about their upcoming books. ENJOY THE READ!

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Dangerous Currents by Kathryn Knight

5 out of 5 stars

Malorie Montgomery had a life and career working for her father in London, England but when she makes a crucial mistake both are derailed and she returns home to Cape Cod. She decides to help her best friend Julia setting up the Friendship Farm focusing on doing something that helps children with disabilities. She happens to be out walking her dog, Brady, the day after she gets back and ends up finding a dead woman’s body in the woods. While screaming after finding the body she hears her ex-boyfriend’s voice and thinks that it’s her imagination. Now forced to not only face the man who broke her heart six years ago but also try to find a way to get along with him since he lives five houses down from her now. Despite the hurt feelings there is still chemistry between them but Malorie has a dark family secret that causes her to believe that she must live her life alone. Will she be able to let go of the past and find a second chance with Dean? 

I was able to read this book thanks to the Winter Games Readers Challenge on Facebook. This story is very well written and progresses, slow and steadily, into a pretty great climax of events. I was worried about the slowness of the story because, of course, if something moves slowly and doesn’t feel like it has progressed and you end up with an anticlimactic ending. But this story is NOT that. One of my favorite things about this book is that it was a complete start to finish. I didn’t have to wonder about the what ifs involving the ending or characters. It was an all encompassing storyline that I really loved reading. I actually wouldn’t mind reading more about them in later books. 

I became invested in the relationship between Malorie and Dean and the secrets that they both seemed to hold on to which is why the story seemed liked it was progressing slowly but in reality I had read 100 pages without even realizing it. There were times where I wanted to scream and shout at both of these characters to just talk to each other. Other times I really just wanted to know about what happened in Malorie’s past that made her think the way she was thinking. I did, however, appreciate the fact that everything didn’t happen within the first few days and it did took weeks of them going back and forth with each other before really talking about things and really (finally) putting it all on the table.

I thought that the characters were super well rounded, they had a past, present, and hopefully future with or without each other (you’d have to read the book). I just really enjoyed the relationship that was forming with all of the characters, main and supporting, and learning about how they came to be together in first place. It helped the feel of chemistry between them when Dean showed a protectiveness of Malorie even after feeling the hurt and anger towards her for so long. 

You can purchase this book on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub, follow Kathryn Knight at all three places while you’re there to learn about upcoming releases.

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Crime and Paradise (Wild Crimes Series Book 1) by Julie Howard

5 out of 5 stars

Brian has uprooted his family from California and moved them to the isolated town of Hay City, Idaho. Meredith, his wife, is upset and confused by this decision since she was never consulted about them moving. She tries to ask him about it but he avoids the question directly and just tells her that he got a deal on a house and was promoted at his job to take over this new sales territory. She knows that voicing her concerns or objections will just set him off and she doesn’t want that. She finds herself questioning everything about her life and fantasizing about killing her abusive husband. That is until he ends up dead and she is the only prime suspect that the Sheriff has to investigate. Did she kill him and not remember? Will the Sheriff arrest her? How does she make sense of everything she is learning about her husband, their marriage and most importantly herself?

I really enjoyed this story and the great characters. It is a really steady and easy to read book with very well rounded characters and great transitions between all the different nuances that make up the scenes. I really liked the imagery of the isolated town of Hay City and the surrounding towns, I could picture all of it as I read it. I love that about a book, when they can transport me to that particular scene and I can see everything about it in color. This book has that. 

I really enjoyed the humor of the 4 year old Jamie speaking her truth, and sometimes everyone else’s truths, all the time. She wasn’t afraid to state her opinion about things and manipulate the adults to her way of things, probably why her and Honey got along so well. I felt for Meredith and got angry for her when she didn’t seem able to make her voice heard. Anyone who has been in a bad relationship could probably relate to her character. I also liked how the Sheriff was a young man who didn’t seem to let the town gossip get to him and stayed true to his responsibilities of finding the truth even when the evidence was showing him something different. The other supporting characters made up the town in a way that I could visualize them there and see how they all worked together in a way that made the story quite excellent.

I found this first book of the Wild Crime series to be well worth the read and will be looking forward to reading the next one. You can find it at Amazon, Goodreads or Bookbub and follow Julie Howard at all 3 places to get more information on her upcoming releases. Visit her website for more information as well and sign up for her newsletter.

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Devils & Dust by Catherine Wiltcher

5 out of 5 stars

Rick Sanders the street-wise King of New York who owns the city. He crushes his enemies without a second thought and he’s used to winning what he wants and taking what isn’t given. At least until he meets his match in Nina Costin. She is a new employee at his club “Barfly” and ends up getting more than a paycheck. Nina isn’t new to the down trodden lifestyle and she isn’t new to the abuses that might go along with the dealings of a guy like Rick, so when she finds him to be a little more than she expected – almost like a gentleman – she feels confused. She doesn’t want to be there but in order to save her sister she’ll endure whatever she needs to endure. But Rick knows that something is off about her, he knows that she doesn’t belong in a place like his club. What happens when the past and present collide with the future? Rick and Nina will soon find out.

This is another one of the wonderful books that I am able to read thanks to the great authors and administration of the Facebook Winter Game Challenges. I knew this book was going to be good just from the description but I have to say that I never expected it to be as good as it was. This is a stand alone book, however, it does involve Dante Santiago from Catherine’s Santiago trilogy. I haven’t read those yet but I have no doubt that I will after reading this one. If I could give more than 5 stars for a book I feel like this one would deserve it. I was so hooked I was actually dreaming about the characters. 

First off the writing is tremendous, it lavishes your senses in a way that makes the reader feel like they are actually seeing the scenes not just reading them. Secondly, the characters. Oh my goodness the characters. I am so in love with Rick and Nina that I just can’t stand it. Rick has those sharp and rough edges that just make you want to smooth them out but not too much because you don’t want him to lose too much of his personality. And Nina is a survivor who is a badass when you think about it. She could have just given up as a young child instead she continues to remain strong and never broken, even when she is broken. She is what we as a female population should strive for, no matter how much anyone or anything tries to break us we must remain strong (okay maybe some men too). I felt very connected to this book in a strange way, maybe because in a sense I have always felt like a survivor of life as well.

Now I am going to mention the author’s note in the beginning of the book. It was a wonderful tribute to Catherine’s thoughts of the character Rick and how he kept a hold of her. I have never read a book that mentioned the caution with triggers before and I thought that it was a great thing to do because of the importance in acknowledging the possibility. Catherine leaves all of her emotions in this book, the good, the bad, and the ugly and I respect and appreciate her for it. If you are like me you will also love this book and now you can purchase it at Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub, follow her while you are there as well so you can get the next release date of her books.

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Breaking the Rules by Katie O'Sullivan

5 out of 5 stars

Jake Campbell is an undercover cop who is looking for a drug ring at a Cape Cod resort. The cover? His partner had a job as a pastry chef in the restaurant while he manned everything behind the scenes. The problem? Garcia’s mama has to have emergency surgery and now Jake has to be the undercover agent in the restaurant and he doesn’t have any experience. Now he has to figure out how he can pass himself off as someone who knows his way around the kitchen. To top it off the woman that he caught the eye of in the bar happens to be the head chef of the restaurant and the person that he will be working under, not to mention that he wouldn’t mind getting to know her better.

I happen to be part of the Winter Games Challenge on Facebook. The challenge is a place where authors and readers come together so that the books can be read and reviewed. Katie O’Sullivan happens to be one of the authors involved with her wonderful book. I happen to be able to read this book first and I just fell in love with it. The story on a whole was wonderfully written with well rounded characters. It was easy to read, I was able to read it in a few hours and trust me when I say that I’m a super slow reader. I was pretty impressed with this book and how well the mystery was done, from start to finish it filled and caught my attention. Now it isn’t filled with a crazy amount of imagery but that was part of what kept me enraptured in the mystery that was happening. I didn’t have to think about anything outside the world of the story itself. It involved other supporting characters (those that will be involved in the next books) that help to move the story forward so that it never stalls or gets boring. I really enjoyed this book, even gave the end of it a big “AWW”.

This is the first book in the Cape Cod Rules series. They are each stand alones while still being intertwined. They each offer a close up of different couples starting with Abbie and Jake. The second one deals with Abbie’s friend Bella (a local) and her former flame Dylan (a former local). The third in the series deals with Abbie’s other friend Caroline (a wash ashore) and the bartender Brian (a local). I haven’t read the next two books in the series yet but I am excited about reading them next. You can find the first book at Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub. While you’re getting the book make sure to click the follow button for the author to find out when she’ll release her newest books.